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Greetings. My Name’s Mohammad Inanloo. A student in Software bachelor. Born on October 25. I’ve got great interests in Programming & Coding , web designs and as-to-web softwares. And it’s been nearly 7 years since I’ve begun to be part of the absorbing and exciting world of programming and coding. It’d be a pleasure to be part of the team works due to my love for programs and to be able to learn the new technologies and solve complicated and hardship issues.

Tehran, Iran
25 October

My Skills


Using the strongest languages and new & latest technologies for designing variant versions of webs. starting from large displays to the smart clocks.


Programming different and variant as-to-web softwares with most usage and security using strongest tools and devices.


Worldwide introductions for the products , services and individuals by upgrading the rate of the site and use of the key words in the search engines.

International Standards

Having Frames and Worldwide standards in the field of programming and SEO

Unique Design

Special and spectacular unique designing in showing the individuald’s identity and job.

Dedicated Programming

Providing variant web sites and as-to-web softwares without any limits in the appearances and the facilities.

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